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Operating rooms

Katameya Clinic (KC) Hospital has 10 operating rooms equipped with the latest medical equipment in order to carry out all major and accurate operations in various fields, which includes:

General Surgery - Vascular Surgery - Paediatric Surgery - Women Surgery - Orthopaedics - Plastic Surgery - Neurosurgery - Otorhinolaryngology - Ophthalmology - Spinal Surgery - Urology - Jaw & Dental Surgery.

Additionally, there is a gynaecology department which is equipped to receive various cases, including emergency situations.


  • Radiology department features a high radiological service technique under the highest quality standards and includes X-Ray, U.S, and C.T services.


  • In accordance with the vision and mission of the hospital, we aim to provide a service and medical care of high quality and in accordance with the requirements of current and future customers as well as international quality standards.
  • We also strive to maintain customer satisfaction by conducting a daily survey at the exit of the patient from the Hospital and through the daily follow-up of the patients in their rooms, as well as receive complaints and communicate with customers to reach a high satisfaction rate of patients.
  • The implementation of the procedures and the policies of the departments are always monitored efficiently and effectively in accordance with the quality policy and patient safety standards.