In order to improve the level of medical services provided at Katameya Clinic Hospital , the cardiac catheterization unit has been opened, which will be a milestone in the hospital’s march, and is a qualitative addition to the services for the treatment of heart patients

The unit is characterized by the ability to perform various types of diagnostic and interventional procedures through the latest catheterization device with a high-quality camera where the device can perform

  • Electrophysiological study of the heart
  • Ironing electric foci with the CARTO 3 3D device
  • Installing all types of cardiac organizations
  • 3D imaging and treatment of cardiac and peripheral arteries with 3D (Treatment of abdominal and thoracic aortic aneurysms with stents (EVAR - TEVAR
  • Treating congenital heart defects (TAVI replacement operation without surgery (TAVI
  • Repairing mitral regurgitation by catheter pins
  • Mitral or pulmonary valve expansion by balloon catheterization (Ultrasound of the cardiac arteries (IVUS

Thus, the catheter unit will be able to accommodate the increasing number of patientsIn addition to all cerebral catheters And through a medical team of consultants and specialists in all medical specialties, enjoying the highest levels of expertise and competence